Saluki Al Naqawa
Smooth and Feathered - for Beauty and Performance

A-litter - 2 weeks old

(CH. Al Khabara Damitha x CH. Idan Atiq Shalaf)
4 boys and 6 girls (grizzle and irish marked grizzle)

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Girl No. 1 ("Arwen")

Girl No. 2 ("Eowyn")

Boy No. 3 ("Aragorn")

Boy No. 4 ("Legolas")

Boy No. 5 ("Frodo")

Girl No. 6 ("Galadriel")

Girl No. 7 ("Varda")

Girl No. 8 ("Luthien")

Girl No. 9 ("Silmarien")

Boy No. 10 ("Gimli")