Saluki Al Naqawa
Smooth and Feathered - for Beauty and Performance
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AYSALAN (arab. "hyacinth") - Asya

born - 30.03.2008 - female - grizzle with white markings
Owner: Ekaterina Kovalenko, Moscow


Rus Blr CH, Rus Work CH
Idan Atiq Shalaf
Riach 2 of Rahat
Desert Descent
Desert Descent
Schuha bat Sinai
Desert Descent
Desert Descent
Int* Rus Ukr Blr CH
Al Khabara Damitha
Int Fin Lv Ltu Est CH
Aziz Sharik
Aziz Nazar
Int Fin Est Lv CH, EstW-99
Aziz Jalil
Int Balt It Fin Est Lv Ltu UA CH,
Club CH Lv JCH, LvW-99-00-01 LvJW-99
LvCLW-99-00-01, PL CLW-00 LtuW-01
LtuJW-99 HunW-01

Aziz Mahtab
Int Fin Est Ltu Lv CH,
LtuW-99 LvW-99 EstW-00

Aziz Jadugar
Int Fin Est CH, W-97 EstW-00
Aziz Hadaya