Salukis Al Naqawa
Smooth and Feathered - for Beauty and Performance
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Saluki Kennel Al Naqawa

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Saluki Kennel Al Naqawa Saluki Kennel Al Naqawa
Smooth and feathered -
for beauty and performance

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Saluki Clubs:

Swedish Saluki Club
Finnish Saluki Club
Czech Saluki Fans
Saluki World (DE)
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Saluki Breeders:

Kennel Achthamar (DE)
Kennel Al Asmaanii (CH)
Kennel Abu Baqr (SWE)
Kennel Al Khabara (EST)
Kennel Al Nafiseh (RU)
Kennel Basarat Karim (RU)
Kennel Dioskuri (RU)
Kennel El Ghafiri (DE)
Kennel Non Serviam (FIN)
Kennel Ruweis (UK)
Kennel Qashani (FIN)

Personal Saluki Sites:

Salukis of Ch. Binczyk (DE)
Salukis of N. Nesvadba (AUT)
Salukis of Sirpa Tavasti (FIN)
Saluki of B. and C. Holstensson (SWE)
Saluki of M. Solovieva (RU)

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