Saluki Al Naqawa
Smooth and Feathered - for Beauty and Performance
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(arab. "precious, noble, generous")

born - 12.04.2013 - female - black-grizzle - smooth
Height: 66 cm
Owner / Владелец: Kennel Al Naqawa

* * *
German Junior Champion (VDH + DWZRV),
VDH Europa-Jugendsiegerin 2014, Thueringen Landesjugendsiegerin 2014,
2 x Jugend BIS, 3 x Jugend BOB, 1 x BOB, 6 Jugend CAC+VDH;
2 VDH, 1 Res VDH ( = VDH)

Free from heart diseases (Doppler ultrasound test - August 2014)

Pedigree / Ahnentafel

Rus CH, Rus Fin LC CH
Badaari-Badaari Al Naqawa
Rus Ukr CH, Rus Fin LC CH
Idan Atiq Nassim
Rasas of Rahat
Bauda of Rahat
Fin Rus CH, Fin Rus Est LC CH
Bony Spector El Razael
Isr CH Barakisch Omar Yari
Isr CH Amira Spector El Razael
Int Rus Ukr Blr CH
Al Khabara Damitha
Int Fin Lv Ltu Est CH
Aziz Sharik
Aziz Nazar
Int Fin Est Lv CH, EstW-99
Aziz Jalil
Int Balt It Fin Est Lv Ltu UA CH,
Club CH Lv JCH, LvW-99-00-01 LvJW-99
LvCLW-99-00-01, PL CLW-00 LtuW-01
LtuJW-99 HunW-01

Aziz Mahtab
Int Fin Est Ltu Lv CH,
LtuW-99 LvW-99 EstW-00

Aziz Jadugar
Int Fin Est CH, W-97 EstW-00
Aziz Hadaya